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Michael Hains, Solicitor    
Founder (1992)   
Sellers $425.00
Includes GST
Buyers $825.00
Includes GST but not searches or other taxes
The safe option
Tens of thousands of Buyers and Sellers, for nearly 30 years, have trusted their property transfer to Hains.
Even after more than 40,000 transactions, Hains is not an impersonal `factory`. Every client is important to us.
What do we get for the fees ?
There are hours of work in every conveyance.
For example, working for sellers will involve: 30 or more phone calls, 20 or more emails, 30 or more SMS messages.
Working for buyers will usually involve double the work ... and particular care.
Do I need a solicitor ? Is a conveyancer good enough ?
A conveyancer who is not supported by a solicitor is dangerous.
So bad, actually, that in the worst cases it is illegal.
Excellent quality service can be delivered where there are superb systems, and teams (including conveyancers) that work well together.
Aren't solicitors and conveyancers the same ?
No, they are not.
Becoming a solicitor involves years of study and training.
A person calling themselves a `conveyancer` may never have finished any training, and may have no experience. With nothing invested, they often have no care, and absolutely no commitment.
Is conveyancing the same between firms ?
There are many differences between firms. Different owners set different standards, and set a different `tone` for their business.
Are corners cut ? Is "near enough" good enough ? Is there any care given ? The answers to these questions always depend on who the owner is.
Do I have to pay more to get quality work ?
Absolutely not. A great firm, with years of experience, will have developed systems and ways of doing things efficiently.
A long-established and great firm, will deliver superb service at an excellent price.
If I pay more do I get better service ?
Not always. We are aware of firms that charge higher fees, with no justification. For example - a firm operating with a single unqualified person, not supervised, in business less than a year.
This particular (nasty) firm offers immoral and unethical cash kick-backs to real estate agents who refer them work !
Does Hains Solicitors give kick backs ?
No. Not at any time for the last 30 years. Not ever. Nor will we ever do so.
Is using a firm tied to an agency a good idea ?
Some conveyancing firms are partly owned by real estate offices (undisclosed).
This causes a problem. Does the firm act to protect the agent's commission ? Or protect their client's interests ?
Beware any firm which hides its ownership.
Is using an interstate conveyancer a good idea ?
In the last few years, conveyancers from interstate have tried to operate in Queensland.
So far - it has not worked for them. Without a local owner, they struggle. There appears to be no care about Queenslanders - and no understanding of local needs.
And they charge too much.
What is the risk of choosing the wrong firm ?
In the last 30 years, we have seen some terrible messes caused by other conveyancers and lawyers.
Buyers who have ended up with properties they are ordered to demolish.
Buyers who end up with properties they cannot use.
Sellers who don't get their money.
Sellers with cancelled contracts who lose possession of their homes, and have to go to Court to get them back.
... and many, many other disasters.
How do I choose the right firm to do my conveyancing ?
First: Experience counts. You need people who know what they are doing. Choose a firm that has been in the business for a long time.
Second: Lawyers count. Choose a firm that has actual lawyers working in it.
Third: Choose a firm that is personal. Choose a firm where the owner stands up - and puts their reputation and career on the line.
Our 3 office locations
Gold Coast Office
Level 9, Tower 2, 5 Lawson Street,
Phone: 07 5391 1338
Post: PO Box 3320, Australia Fair QLD 4215
SMS: 0488 863 214
Bundaberg Office
Shop 1, 47 Bourbong Street,
Phone: 07 4181 0211
Post: PO Box 699, Bundaberg QLD 4670
SMS: 0488 863 214
Brisbane Office
Level 54, 111 Eagle Street,
Phone: 07 3832 6300
Post: GPO Box 504, Brisbane QLD 4001
SMS: 0488 863 214
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